*GIC Ramadan Announcement * 🌙

Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce that along with our 5 daily prayers we will be praying taraweeh.

No iftar will be served at the mosque, take away boxes for iftar will be available for collection after Asr.

Please adhere to these rules:

🌙    Make wudhu at home (toilets & wudhu facilities closed)

🌙    Wear a mask

🌙    Bring a musalla (prayer mat)

🌙    A bag for your shoes

🌙    Keep 1 meter + social distancing at all times.

🌙    No children under 12

🌙    No over 70’s

🌙    Avoid gathering outside the mosque

🌙    Be mindful of our neighbours by not making noise when coming and going from the mosque

🌙    Walk, cycle, car share or use public transport

🌙    If you drive park sensibly and legally

🌙    Please cooperation with our staff & volunteers

🌙    These rules are subject to review by management and imams of GIC and we will inform you of any changes.