Thu 29 Feb 2024 - 19 Shaban 1445AH
Begins5:07 am6:44 am12:18 pm3:04 pm5:43 pm7:09 pm
Jamā‘ah5:27 am12:30 pm3:24 pm5:50 pm7:30 pm
Thu 29 Feb 2024 - 19 Shaban 1445AH
Prayer Begins Jamā‘ah
Fajr5:07 am 5:27 am
Sunrise6:44 am
Zuhr12:18 pm 12:30 pm
Asr3:04 pm 3:24 pm
Maghrib5:43 pm 5:50 pm
Isha7:09 pm 7:30 pm

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Qur’an, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies

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