*📌GIC Update:*

Greenwich Islamic Centre COVID-19 pandemic community support initiative.

Despite the closure of our facilities, we are firmly committed to delivering key services to our community during this difficult period. Many people will be vulnerable and isolated, so our staff and volunteers will be delivering the following:

*Advice and social support*

Support line – regular social support via the telephone for people who are living alone or in isolation if you need someone to talk to.

Imam consultations – our Imams will be available via telephone lines to give spiritual guidance and advice.

Call 020 8855 0786 (11am to 7pm).

*Digital Weekly Reminders/Lectures*

Livestreaming Lectures with our Imams, who will try to keep our Iman (faith) high via online continuation of our daily talks, and regular reminders on our social media platforms.

Regular updates – keep an eye on our social media and website for further updates.

*Welfare Support*
helping the most vulnerable and in need of essentials i.e shopping etc